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          距離展會開幕 我要參觀 我要參展





          How to be an exhibitor

          I. Procedure

          Please follow the procedure below::

          Complete the application form

          On-site register/email register/fax register

          Standard Booth

          Register → Pay booth fee

          Booth fee

          Non-corner booth: RMB5088/9m2

          Corner booth with two opens: RMB6106/9m2

          Special Booth (≥36 m2)

          Register→ Confirm your booth→ Pay booth fee

          Booth fee



          Allocate booth after registration deadline


          1.The booth fee includes 6% tax, and the organizer will issue VAT special invoice to all exhibitors.

          2.Corner booth fee: if exhibitor applies for booth at the corner, a corner booth fee (20% of standard booth fee) will be charged.

          II. Required Submission Schedule


          Exhibitors who apply 20 booths or above shall submit application before June 1, 2018;

          Exhibitors who apply 10-19 booths shall submit application before June 29, 2018;

          Exhibitors who apply 4-9 booths shall submit application before July 13, 2018;

          2. Special booth exhibitors shall select booth within the designated exhibition area;

          3.All standard booths will be arranged by Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions after the submission deadline, and the order of arrangement will follow special rule as below:

          Same exhibit category: from large to small according to the exhibition area;

          Same exhibition area: “first come first served” according to the time of receipt of the payment.

          III. Submission Deadline:

          Submission Deadline


          September 21, 2018

          IV. Exhibit Categories

          Campus Safety & Logistics:

          Air Cleaner and Accessories | Campus Water Cleaning Equipment | Campus Catering Equipment | Campus Energy Management | Smart Educational Logistics | Campus Infrastructure | Campus Property Management and Landscape Construction


          Laboratory & Scientific Research Instrument and Technology:

          Analysis & Testing Instrument | Chemical & Reagent | Laboratory Instrument & Machinery | General Laboratory Instrument


          Informationization & Smart Education:

          Computer | Communication | Server | Internet and Information Safety | Mobile Internet Products | IoT Technology and Product | Cloud Computation Technology and Product | Big Data Technology and Product | VR Technology and System | Smart Campus Technology and Product


          Practical Training & Electromechanics:

          Electric Work/Electricity/Technique | Robot | Thermal Equipment | Woodworking Machinery | Measuring Instrument and Device


          Medical Education & Healthcare:

          Medical Model | Emergency Care | Clinical/Public Health Educational Instrument | Pharmaceutical Machinery | Consumables


          V. Contact Information

          Exhibits related to laboratory and scientific research instrument and technology, medical education and healthcare:

          Mr. Li Siqi
          Tel: 010-84556681/15810710851
          Q Q:3001606945


          Exhibits related to informationization and intelligent education, practical training/electromechanics and others

          Ms. Lu Panpan
          Tel: 010-84556688/15010195258
          Q Q:3001602630



          黃豆豆 女士 
          電 話:18917456880




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