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          距離展會開幕 我要參觀 我要參展





          Journey of Discovery

          Previous Events


          National Virtual Reality Teaching Demonstration

          Promoting in-depth integration of IT and education, serving the construction of modern education, discovering new experimental teaching patterns for online & offline education. To solve “information island” and expand integrated VR experimental class resources for providing VR teaching reference to various universities and colleges.

          The 2nd Hubei Universities and Colleges Self-made Laboratory Educational Instrument Show

          Aimed at increasing the motivation of teachers who intend to invent new educational instrument, and promoting outstanding self-made educational tools, building a bridge of exchange and cooperation among schools, and between schools and enterprises.

          Pakistan Higher Education Exchange Program

          In respond to the “Belt & Road” initiative, Pakistan Higher Education Exchange Program was creating for building a friendship bridge between China and Pakistan and ushering in a new chapter for the two nations’ cooperation on the education front.

          HEEC Recommended Enterprises Showcase

          In the 50th HEEC held in Nanjing, 50 excellent enterprises were selected to be showcased and promoted to the public.

          School-Enterprise Match-up

          Match-up meetings were organized for schools and enterprises in an effort to improve information exchange between exhibitors and visitors.


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