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          According to China’s Higher Education Outlook and Investment Research Report issued by Qianzhan.com, China has 2880 institutions of higher education by 2016, an increase of 60 institutions compared with 2012; among which there are 2596 universities and colleges. Total number of students enrolled in China’s institutions of higher education reached 36.99 million, an increase of 3.738 million and up 11.2% compared with 2012. China’s higher education industry accounts for 20% of the world, making it the largest nation in terms of higher education.

          The Ministry of Education released the Statistic Report of China’s Education Expenditure in 2017, which showed that the total of state education expenditure in 2017 was RMB4255.7 billion, up 9.43% YoY; among which the state financial educational funds expenditure was RMB3420.4 billion, up 8.94% YoY.

          (Source: Sohu News)

          Since 2005, the growth rate of governmental investment in China’s higher education has constantly surpassed the growth rate of total education investment. In recent years, the growth rate of China’s government and non-government investment in higher education has been much higher than that in the developed countries. Calculated by the price in 2015, China’s total investment in higher education has increased from RMB 352.4 billion to RMB 951.8 billion, an increase of 1.7 times.

          (Source: Sohu News)


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